Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction
The browsing and use of Change Your Attitude Agency website (2020) (the "Agency") for its content and services constitutes a prior agreement to all terms and conditions outlined in these Terms and Conditions.


2. Definitions

2.1. "Website" - the Agency's website: www.ronandrona.com.
2.2. "Policies" - The Website Policies as outlined in this document, as updated from time to time by the Agency.
2.3. "Webmaster" means the agency's customer service, the details of which are specified in section 9.2 below.
2.4. "Website Registration" - Entering a customer's personal information in the form designated for the site.


3. Instructions for using the site

3.1. Do not use the Website for any unlawful purpose.
3.2. As part of the process of purchasing products through the Website, the buyer must provide his / her details and choose whether he would like to receive information about promotions, benefits, events, and news by e-mail.
3.3 No other person may be registered on the Website without his consent and/or without his knowledge.
3.4. The registration of the site is for the personal and exclusive use of the registered customer.
3.5. A customer who signs up for the site is responsible for updating the agency in any changes that may occur in his personal information as detailed on the registration form, including his e-mail address. The Agency will not be liable for failure to receive any benefit, mailing, update or notice in connection with the website for failure to update such details.
3.6. A client who, when completing the "Personal Information Form", receives from the Agency information about promotions, benefits, events, and news by e-mail, will enter the Agency's customer base and receive e-mail and messages from time to time. The client's approval under this section shall constitute consent to receive advertising and marketing information from the Agency as aforesaid, according to the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 1982. This approval shall be valid until the date of cancellation by the customer, in an explicit notice to the agency.
3.7. No information may be posted on the site or transmitted by it in contravention of the law, in particular in contravention of the Prohibition Law, 1965. Without derogating from the generality of the aforementioned, any information which is false, insulting, defamatory, threatening, infringing on the privacy or public sentiment must not be published, of a sexual, racist or illegal nature.
3.8. The Agency and the Website Management do not accept any responsibility for content posted by the site users and may prevent the publication of content that violates the foregoing and/or may damage the Website and/or any third party and delete such content.
3.9. No commercial use of the site utilizing advertising or otherwise is allowed.


4. Ordering products on-site and delivering them

4.1. Before arriving for self-collection, it is advisable to call and find out if the book is in stock.
4.2 Site visitors will sometimes be entitled to special offers and benefits only to the site visitors, as published by the Agency from time to time. It is clarified that the amount, terms and nature of the offers and benefits are subject to the sole discretion of the Agency.
4.3. It is clarified that the price on the site is the price offered to the consumer after the discounts given on the site.
4.5. Any purchase on the Website will only be made through a PAYPAL account or a regular credit card payment. No payment will be made by any other form of payment (including, without prejudice to, gift certificates, purchase notes, points, special debit cards, rechargeable cards, discount cards and/or any offers and many such that give you the right to multiply discounts) unless otherwise specified in the Special Terms and Conditions. When purchasing on the site, the user hereby waives any right to purchase products on the site by means of a payment that is not one of the above.
4.6. Credit Card Purchase Policy on Website: We recommend contacting the site management to arrange payment options.
4.7. When the order is completed, an email will be sent with the order details and will be a confirmation of the order receipt by the agency. The execution of the transaction is subject to the approval of the credit company.
4.8. An order placed through the website will be charged and shipped to the customer within 3 business days of payment confirmation. The order status can be updated by a phone call to the agency's customer service.
4.8. The delivery time of the order and its cost (depending on the customer's choice) are: (1) via courier service to the customer's home - within 5 working days and cost 23 NIS. (3) by registered mail at a cost of10 NIS. (3) by airmail abroad - within 21 working days and costs 30 NIS per item.
4.9 When placing an order abroad, the product may be subject to various taxes, surcharges and / or payments applicable in the country to which the product was ordered. These payments will only apply to the customer.
4.10. The Site Manager reserves the right to add, subtract and change the promotions and benefits advertised on the Site at any time, in its sole discretion, including after being posted on the Website.


5. Return policy on purchased products

5.1. In accordance with the Agency's Product Return Policy, and subject to the Consumer Protection Law of 1981, any product purchased on the Website may be returned.

5.2. A customer who wishes to receive a refund for a product purchased on the Web site may contact the Agency's Customer Service and subject to the following conditions: (1) The product is in a new condition, not used and is in its original packaging. (2) The product was purchased for more than 50 NIS. (3) The customer has a replacement note and/or receipt. (4) The product may be returned and refunded within 14 days of receipt of the products.
5.3. How to receive the refund: As long as the customer meets the requirements of section 5.2. Above and in accordance with the law, the refund will be made in the same manner as the payment was made and within 7 business days of the original transaction being canceled, in contact with the Agency's customer service.
5.4. Products purchased at a special sale or sale, the product replacement/return policy will be in accordance with the promotional or special sale policies posted on the Website.

6. Intellectual Property

6.1. The Agency has all the rights of any kind whatsoever in connection with the Website and its contents, including reputation, logos, any trademark, and trade name, whether registered or not and any other similar right. Site users may not make any use of such rights without the prior written consent of the Agency.
6.2. Without derogating from the foregoing, the agency may not copy and/or reproduce and/or distribute and/or publish and/or use the content displayed on the site and/or do any action, directly or indirectly, which is a violation or infringement of the agency's intellectual property, unless the agency Explicitly permitted this in writing and first.


7. Privacy Policy, Database, and Direct Mail

7.1. The personal information provided by each of the site's customers as part of the "Personal Information" form on the site will be governed by the agency's privacy policy.
7.2. The Agency will not disclose the details of its clients to third parties except in any of the following: (a) if required to do so by judicial or statutory order; (B) if you are alerted to legal proceedings against it for actions taken by the client and any dispute, claim, claim, claim or legal proceedings, if any, between the client and the agency; (C) if a claim is raised or arises in the case of suspicion that the client has committed an act and/or omission that offends and/or may harm the agency and/or water on its behalf and/or any third parties, including other clients; (D) if a claim is raised or raised in the case of suspicion that the client has violated any of the terms of the Bylaws and/or any agreement with the Agency and/or anyone on its behalf; (E) if and to the extent required for the operation of the Website, such as the transfer of information to employees, subcontractors and other entities involved in the operation of the Site.
7.3. Filling out the enrollment form constitutes the consent of the client that his or her customer information and any data generated based on this information analysis and any information about him who came and/or came to the attention of the agency will be kept in one or more databases of the agency or on its behalf, and that information will be used for the following purposes : (A) For marketing, advertising, promotional and sales purposes and to contact the customer in any way, including through "cookies" and/or by direct mail in any means of communication you deem appropriate (including in writing, in print, by telephone, in facsimile, in a computerized way or By other means); (b) for various purposes such as encouraging loyalty, analyzing and researching statistics, conducting surveys and any other online use (C) for internal needs, such as complaint investigative and/or review needs, such use of Customer Information shall not be considered as a violation of Privacy. It is further agreed that such information will be considered as the Agency's property and Customer hereby waives any claim for use and / or ownership of such information Including any waiver of any claim under the Privacy Protection Act, 1981. The Agency shall not be deemed to violate any privacy or breach of User Privacy for any information as defined in the PC Law 1995, which it shall identify or trace by a User. Another, and which is due to the use of electronic media in general and computer communication in particular.
7.4. The site's customers confirm that they know that it is not legally required to disclose their personal information and that the above information is made voluntarily and with their consent. The site's customers hereby expressly agree to the above use of their personal information and confirm that their use will not be considered as a violation of privacy and will not receive them in any way. / Or any compensation.
7.5. Clients who object to the use of their personal information and / or who wish to remove themselves from the agency's customer base and / or who do not wish to receive direct mail inquiries; You will be notified to the Agency Customer Service.

8. Warranty

8.1. The Agency and/or the webmaster and/or anyone on their behalf will not be held responsible, of any kind, in connection with the realization and/or non-realization and/or use of the benefits that will cause any damage, indirect, consequential or circumstantial, to the client or any third party, including loss of profits, loss of business opportunity, loss of reputation, impairment, etc.
8.2. The Agency does not warrant that the Website will not be closed and/or that its activities will not be suspended temporarily or permanently and it reserves the right to close the Website and/or its activities at any time in its sole discretion. Therefore, site users are required to act accordingly and create an off-site backup of any information and / or content they wish to keep.
8.3. The Agency and/or the webmaster and/or anyone on their behalf will not be responsible in any way for any malfunction and/or delay and/or interruption of the site, including and without prejudice to the generality of the above, the lightning lines and/or the internet systems and/or the cellular networks, which will cause For any reason that is not dependent upon, inter alia, and without detracting from the foregoing due to force majeure and/or uncontrolled events, and these shall not be considered as a violation of these Terms and will not entitle the Customer to any relief and/or right, except as otherwise expressly stated in these Terms... In the event of such malfunction and / or disruption, the Agency may for any reason deem it reasonable to take any action as it deems appropriate. For the avoidance of doubt, it shall be made clear that no person shall have any claim or right in connection with any actions taken by the Agency and/or the Site Administrator due to a malfunction and/or disruption as stated above and that the Agency and/or the Site Administrator shall not be liable for any direct and/or indirect damage, including direct and/or indirect expenses that would incur any person due to and/or in connection with the above fault and/or disruption and/or the actions taken as aforesaid.
8.4. Communication networks, computers, servers, and websites are exposed to attacks and attempts by various parties. The agency and the webmaster take various security measures to maintain the privacy of the information entered by the site's customers, but this cannot be fully guaranteed and there may be security breaches and infiltrations of information. The Agency and/or the webmaster do not warrant that the services and information on the site and the servers (or on the third-party servers hosting them) will be immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein. By browsing the Website, registering and uploading content and / or information, the Site's clients release the Agency and the Site Administrator and / or anyone on their behalf for any damage caused to them and / or on their behalf due to attacks, attempts to hack and penetrate such information and waive any claim against the Agency and the Site Administrator. / Or anyone on their behalf.

9. Ways of communicating

9.1. The means of communication with the Agency and / or the webmaster, in all respects, shall be done in a manner and manner determined by the agency and the webmaster, in their sole discretion.
9.2. The means of contacting the Agency and/or the webmaster, in all respects, will be done by contacting the agency's customer services, which are their details:

Agency Customer Service

Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm. (Excluding holiday evenings, holidays, Saturdays and sabbaticals).

10. General

10.1. It is made clear that the provisions of these By-Laws do not derogate in any way from the provisions of the Agency's promotional policies and discounts that are published from time to time by the Agency.
10.2. The Agency reserves the right to add, change, detract and replace at any time the provisions of the By-Law, in whole or in part, without prior notice and in its sole and absolute discretion. The updated policy will apply from the date of its publication on the site. The mandatory wording of the Bylaws is that which will be found from time to time in the Agency's management office or on the website.
10.3. The Agency may, at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion, change discounts, promotions and so on.
10.4.In all cases of contradiction and / or inconsistency between the provisions of these By-Laws and any other publications relating to the Agency's website, including but without detracting from publications in the media, the provisions of these By-Laws shall be enforced in all respects.
10.5. The said articles are written in a male language for convenience only and are addressed to both women and men.
10.6. Any behavior of the Agency and / or the Site Administrator in favor of a Client in contravention of the provisions of this By-Law is for the sole purpose of the law and shall not be used or deemed to be a waiver of what is stated in these Terms.
10.7. The unique and exclusive jurisdiction for any matter arising from the use of the Website is exclusively in the competent courts of Tel Aviv and the use of the Website shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Israel.
10.8. For inquiries and questions regarding any matter relating to the club, please contact customer service, the details of which are above.


We wish you a fun site browsing and a pleasant read.


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