Ron And Rona eBook (mobi)

Ron And Rona eBook (mobi)


The book helps children and their parents cope with the complex reality faced by dealing with the Coronavirus. With wonderful illustrations and easy and accessible language, the book was written under the professional guidance of senior pediatricians from Tel Hashomer Hospital and is suitable for children aged 3+.


One bright, sunny morning, I can’t remember the date-

Ron’s father woke up in a terrible state!

His temperature was high, as his cheeks turned to red

He was coughing and sneezing all over the bed!

His body was achy, his head seemed to spin ‘round,

When he tried to get up he fell straight to the ground.

“Ouch”, he yelled loudly, waking Ron and Rona

“Goodness me!”, yelled his wife. “Dad’s caught the Corona!”

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